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Some parts of my life were easier when I didn’t know I was Ace,
I trusted my friends more- which crashed and burned when they said anyone saying they were ace just desperately needed to get laid. My mum still wavers between ‘keep it to yourself’ and ‘you’re not sure’. I haven’t been able to look at them the same way since. I trusted them, and they proved me wrong.
But I don’t have that nagging feeling in the back of my mind, that there’s something wrong with me, that I’m flawed at a fundamental level. I don’t feel the need to pretend I have a crush so no one knows I don’t.
And that’s worth the world to me.


Anonymous asked:

I recently came out to my mother about being asexual aromantic. Good news is that she already knew about it, bad news is that she thinks its just a bunch of garbage. I have also told her that despite not wanting to ever get married i still would like to adopt a kid. She told me that a child needs "Two Loving Parents" and that i should not adopt a kid unless I get married. She is also convinced that it is a phase and I will grow out of it :(


Well before I fly off of the handle and say that a child needs “Two Loving Parents” is complete bullshit I actually looked at somethings to tell you. 

Most single parent applicants have a high emotional maturity level and can handle a lot of frustration. They may independent but they are still linked to supportive relatives. Most single parents are in their 30’s and 40’s when they actually decide to adopt. Compared to a two parent home their may be more conflict than just a one parent home.

I’ll tell it to you like this. My mother is a single parent raising two kids basically on her own. She has the help of my grandmother but she is also taking care of her too.  I’m by no means adopted and neither is my sister. My mother is going to be 50 next year and she has a master’s degree in business. A great job. And putting me through college at the moment. I’m not going to say my father and my sister’s father are complete sacks of crap but they aren’t really in our lives like those”loving parents” should be. 

So I’m not going to sit here and tell you being a single parent is going to be easy because raising a child hella expensive and takes a lot of time and patients. So before even trying I would consider “Can I take care of this child right now” “Will I be able to give them what they need?”  Just make sure you are completely ready to do this rather it be spur of the moment. 

Also this isn’t a phase. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. You know what you are. Most people won’t understand it even after having it explained to them so I honestly wouldn’t waste my breath on it anymore. As long as you know you are aromantic asexual then don’t worry about trying to convince others that you are. Just as long as you know that you are



Meet Ace, one of the many superheroes I came up with whilst messing around with Hero Machine 3. 

A journalism student and successful blogger, Cassie Tsukino was given powers of flight, invulnerability and super-strength as a gift after she rescued an alien from their crashed spaceship. Deciding to become a superhero, she hit a snag in creating a heroic identity due to the generic nature of her powers. However, she solved this problem when she realised that she could use her superhero status to help promote asexual visibility, a cause she championed due to being a lithromantic asexual herself. Thus, she adopted the superhero name ‘Ace’ and based her costume off of the asexual flag.

Fun fact: Her first name is short for Cassiopeia, rather than Cassandra, due to her parents being enthusiastic amateur astronomers.


Anonymous asked:

would u ever have sex with someone? like when u get married will you have sex? don't want to be rude, just curious.


Aah, you’re not being rude~

Curiousity is not a sin, though people these days seem to treat it like one. Personally I feel that it’s better to ask and know than to not ask and assume instead~

As for your question, I’m not entirely sure about the answer. At the moment, sex really has no appeal to me at all. It doesn’t repulse me but it doesn’t interest me either. 

But that could very well change, as sexuality is fluid, and there are many parts of the asexual spectrum, varying degrees of grey, as it were.

Plus, I imagine if I loved my partner enough to be with them long enough to marry them, or what have you, I would be willing to try sexual situations with them, because experimentation is healthy in any relationship, to establish boundaries and the like~

So I suppose my answer is I wouldn’t be opposed to giving it a try, if my partner were interested, and so long as I wasn’t pressured into the situation. I don’t really want a ‘lay back and think of England’ situation, but if it’s mutual desire to experiment, I’d be willing~

….That was probably way longer than you wanted

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