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Submission guidelines and ways to submit



  • Your work must contain at least one character on the asexual spectrum, aromantic spectrum, or both

  • Please use tags and/or warnings for romantic or sexual content. There will be no other restrictions on these so please respect those who wish to avoid that sort of content

  • Please also use trigger warnings for common triggers if they occur in your work

  • There is no lower or upper limit on word count

  • Works will be accepted from any fandom

  • Works will be accepted in any language

  • Any anti-ace, anti-aro content will not be accepted, including “fixing” of characters’ orientations. Things like anti-aro/ace comments from other characters or self doubt are acceptable as long as the overall message is not anti-aro/ace. Please tag/warn for this. (Clarification post will be added later)

  • Any content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transmisogynistic/transphobic, biphobic, ableist or otherwise offensive to minority groups will not be accepted

  • Diversity is very much encouraged

  • Characters do not have to be canonically asexual or aromantic

Ways to submit:

  • Submit a link to your work if it’s hosted on a site other than tumblr (e.g. AO3) and it will be posted as a link with the description, fandom, characters etc. included in the post

  • Submit a link to the tumblr post containing your fic and it will be reblogged

  • Tag your fic with “ace and aro august” on tumblr and it will be reblogged

  • Submit directly into the submit box

Any questions or suggestions? Let me know!

aflutteringlaney asked:

Hey, I was the one who originally proposed the circle MOGAI flag and the rainbow encompasses everyone. for example, there is purple in the ace flag. and white shows the same "emptiness" as black. Don't worry, aros and aces are definitely included in all of those flags.


Alright, I appreciate you reaching out to me about this, but black in flags represents very different things from white. Black is not there to represent any sort of ‘emptiness’, and though I know you meant that to be a sort of blanket term or something, it hurts a bit that you associate aces/aros with emptiness.

More examples are under the cut bc it’s going to be a bit wordy

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We are a new network for aromantic spectrum and asexual spectrum fans of Les Mis. You can meet people and discuss your ace / aro spectrum headcanons, or anything else you want!

A few rules:

  • You need to be aromatic spectrum and/or asexual spectrum. Unfortunately, we will not accept any allies as this is a safe space for asexual and aromantic spectrum fans.
  • You need to post at least a noticeable amount about Les Mis, though it needn’t be your main fandom.
  • You need to have a decent tagging system, at least for potential triggers.
  • You have to fill out this survey
  • Follow Nat and Camille (okay, you don’t have to, but it would be nice. We’re cool people, I swear. Plus there may be updates and stuff).
  • Follow this blog


  • Friends and stuff!
  • More aro/ace spectrum people!
  • Headcanons we can relate to, yay!
  • People will reblog your selfies and promo you, and that alone is an awesome thing
  • We’ll probably do some livestreams of Les Mis versions sometimes

Acceptances and all that jazz:

  • We don’t want to turn anybody away, but if this gets a lot of interest, we’ll have to do acceptances in waves.
  • Those waves will probably be in groups of 10
  • The survey really doesn’t have an impact on whether or not you get in. Everyone gets in, as long as you follow the rules we have posted here.
  • We’ll send you a message saying that you’ve been accepted, and we;ll give you a little place on the network page.

That’s it! Please consider joining. We look forward to meeting you!

Flag credit

My sister just doesnt get it


'Oh Caitlin, you shouldn't put a label on your sexuality, you're only 16' My sister told me when i told her I'm Asexual. retreating to my bedroom i open a new tab a search 'what does it mean to be Asexual' clicking the first link a phamflet appears 'Quick Facts' it reads. going through the facts i reach the end 'Asexual People May:' the very last one struck a cord. as i read it over and over in my head tears fell from my eyes 'Be of any gender, age, or background.’


Anonymous asked:

My favorite metaphor for being ace: It's like everyone is in this fandom, they're rabidly obsessed with this show, and you have no idea why. You can totally watch the show and be like, eh, it's ok, and still not understand why people always talk about it, and seem like they'd rather be watching than anything else in the world. Me and my ace friends referred to allo people as 'the fandom' before we heard the term allo. (:


That’s a pretty good metaphor, actually!

I’d like to over-extend it by saying that some aces can even really enjoy the show, and still not see a picture of the actors and immediately feel like they need to watch it. And some aces can hate the show. xD


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